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20 June 2008 @ 08:14 pm
The Tolerantia-Prize will be awarded to Philipp Lahm because of his tolerance towards homosexuality in football. Lahm was the first german football player who advanced a positive opinion in this matter: "If a player is gay, it wouldn't change anything about my attitude towards him!", he said.

German Source: queer.de

spaceshipmonkey on June 20th, 2008 06:18 pm (UTC)
that's a great attitude!
heartwarming isn't it?
petite_kathi: Arne und Hitzpetite_kathi on June 20th, 2008 06:22 pm (UTC)
Yeah, absolutely <3 !
gefilterte Primärbegegnung auf der Metaebene: Smile like you mean itphoenixmaedchen on June 20th, 2008 06:49 pm (UTC)
Heartwarming really is the right word here, I think. I really like that he cares about this subject.

I feel a little bitter, though Because I truly hope that one day we'll live in a country where you don't need to award a prize for someone saying that he doesn't have a problem with homosexuality.
musicxxangelmusicxxangel on June 20th, 2008 10:33 pm (UTC)
WOOT! that's absolutely amazing!
just another girl, alone at the bar. ♥: oh captain my captain (pm)xbrokenglass on June 26th, 2008 12:02 am (UTC)
aww, i love phil. i'm glad he is the kind of guy who can take a stand on this subject, when no one else seems to want to. even though it's unfortunate that it's an award-worthy thing, i think he deserves it.