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The Snuglies

Lahm/Hildebrand aka "The Snuglies"
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Welcome to The Snuglies @ LiveJournal.com
The first LJ community dedicated exclusively to the German football players Philipp Lahm and Timo Hildebrand aka the adorable "Snuglies"!
First Community for an footie OTP!

Philipp Lahm
Date of birth: 11th November 1983
Place of birth: Munich, Germany
Height: 1,70m / 5'7"
Weight: 62 kg
Position: Defender

Current Club: FC Bayern München (GER)

Timo Hildebrand
Date of birth: 5th April 1979
Place of birth: Worms, Germany
Height: 1,85m / 6'1"
Weight: 77kg
Position: Goalkeeper

Current Club: Sporting Clube de Portugal aka Sporting Lisbon (POR)

You can post anything related to "The Snuglies" and of course these two in particular.
Pictures, news, graphics, fanfics, etc. and of course discussions about Bayern Munich and Hoffenheim.
Feel free to join. If you love them as much as we do you´ll have a lot of fun here. :)

No need to mention that, yes, we are slash-friendly. ;)

::..:: Be polite. Be respectful. Be nice. Respect other members's opinions.
::..:: Of course we will not tolerate posts that include rude, mean and/or nasty remarks about our Snuglies. This is a place for their fans.
::..:: Posts can include news, graphics, fanfictions, picspams, discussions about the Bundesliga matches and the national team & anything else related to Timo and Philipp!
::..:: Please post in English. It's not our mother language either. We all make mistakes. But there are also non-German-speaking members here who share our love for "The Snuglies" and it would be bad manners excluding them. Articles are allowed in German of course but it's also highly appreciated if you are able to translate it or at least give a little summary.
::..:: Keep posts on-topic. General posts about Bayern Munich, Hoffenheim or the German national team are ok, but at least try to mention Phil and/or Timo. Any off topic posts will most likely be deleted.
::..:: Feel free to share your love for "The Snuglies" in any way. Icons, fanfictions, news, picspams, ...! We love picspams and Fanfictions. :)
::..:: Tags are love. Please remember to use them.
::..:: All large images, long articles, icon-posts with more than 3 icons and match results should be put under a LJ-cut.
::..:: If you're going to post icons there should be at least 3 icons with Phil and/or Timo in your post, because what's the point if it doesn't?
::..:: Hotlinking is not nice! Use Photobucket or ImageShack


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official website FC Bayern München
official website Sporting Lisbon
official website VfB Stuttgart

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